Donate Dollars

Donate money to help fund our mission of getting books to children in need! The Book Exchange is 100% volunteer run. All donations are used to support our good work. See how your dollars can help!

Your donation will have a positive impact on the children in our local communities. Donated dollars are used to:
  • Sponsor a literacy field trip for 60-100 students from Marin’s Title 1 schools. Each student selects a bag of free books. One field trip costs $750.
  • Provide books to teachers for classroom libraries.
  • Supply books to non-profit partners (i.e., food banks, community clinics, organizations working with homeless families).
  • Purchase a selection of currently popular books that especially excite and motivate our young field trip visitors.

All gifts make a difference! Choose an amount that is meaningful to you.

Thank you for your support!

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