Below are the  literacy field trips conducted with our  *Title I Partner Schools in Marin County for the 2023/24 school year.  These class field trips are free to the students (our donors enable us to pay for the buses).   We are expecting close to 2,000 students to visit us by the end of this school year, taking home 20,000 books to keep and share with siblings and friends.  In some cases, we visit schools to deliver books. Their teachers also take books for their classroom libraries 

For an overview of our literacy field trip program, watch this 3 minute video: Book Exchange Video

Volunteer start time is generally 9AM.


  • Wednesday, September 27: Laurel Dell, 4th , 5th Grade Classes
  • Wednesday, October 4: Laurel Dell, 2nd, 3rd Grade Classes
  • Friday, October 20: Book Exchange visits Laurel Dell Kindergarten to provide books
  • Wednesday, October 25: Martin Luther King, Jr., 6th, 7th, 8th Grade Classes
  • Wednesday, November 1: San Pedro, 4th Grade Classes
  • Wednesday, November 8: San Pedro, 3rd Grade Classes
  • Wednesday, November 15: San Pedro, 5th Grade Classes
  • Tuesday, November 28: Book Exchange visits San Pedro TK & Kindergarten to provide books
  • Wednesday, November 29: Venetia Valley, 5th Grade Classes
  • Wednesday, December 6: Venetia Valley, 3rd Grade Classes
  • Wednesday, December 13: Venetia Valley, 4th Grade Classes
  • Wednesday, January 10: Venetia Valley, 2nd Grade Classes
  • Thursday, January 11: Book Exchange visits Venetia Valley Kindergarten to provide books
  • Monday, February 5: Bahia Vista, Kindergarten Visit
  • Wednesday, February 7: Bahia Vista, 5th Grade Classes
  • Wednesday, February 14: Bahia Vista, 4th Grade Classes
  • Wednesday, February 28: Bahia Vista, 3rd Grade Classes
  • Wednesday, March 6: Bahia Vista, 2nd Grade Classes
  • Friday, March 15: Hamilton 3rd & 4th Grade Classes
  • Wednesday, March 20: Hamilton 2nd & 3rd Grade Classes
  • Monday, March 25: Hamilton 7th & 8th Grade Classes
  • Wednesday, April 17: Martin Luther King, Jr.: 4th, 5th Grade Classes
  • Wednesday, April 24: Martin Luther King, Jr.: 2nd, 3rd Grade Classes
  • Wednesday, May 1: Venetia Valley, 1st Grade Classes
  • Wednesday, May 8: San Pedro, 2nd Grade Classes
  • Wednesday, May 15: San Pedro, 1st Grade Classes
  • Wednesday, May 29: Book Exchange visits Laurel Dell 1st Grade Classes to provide books

(To see last year’s schedule, view this page: 2022/23 Field Trip Schedule)

*Title I is a K-12 program that provides additional academic support and learning opportunities for students at schools with high percentages of socioeconomically disadvantaged children.

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